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1.8T – 3.5T Capacity IC Engine Forklift. Puncture proof or pneumatic tyres, LPG/Petrol or diesel, full range of 2 and 3 stage masts.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Optimum lubrication intervals
  • Simple maintenance for greater efficiency
  • Full hydraulic steering system with no mechanical components, such as the drag link, so replacement costs are reduced.

Komatsu Reliability

  • Unique designs have further extended the life span of the truck
  • Frame structure and changes to the mast improve durability
  • Exceptional Heat balance – The bell-shaped shroud concentrates cooling air into the radiatoralso enhances reliability during heavy operations.
  • The Super Lift Hydraulic System (BX50 Series) reduces oil pressure loss operating the power steering and lifting hydraulics seperately


  • Dual ‘floating’ suspension cab design. The wide-set front mounts and high position rear mounts allow the entire cabin to float on the chassis. The power train floats the engine and transmission on the frame, and a universal joint is used to reduce engine and motion vibrations on the front axle. The combined technology of both of these Komatsu designed systems further reduce the vibrations transferred to the mast, fork, steering wheel and control lever, as well as the operator’s seat. Therefore, ultimately improving operator comfort and cargo safety.
  • Wide floor and open, non-slip step makes getting in and out easy and safe.
  • Control levers designed for finger tip control
  • Superior visibility with expanded mast width and counterweight shape
  • Operator Presence Sensing System – lifting/traveling interlock system

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