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3.5T – 5T Capacity IC Engine Forklift. Puncture proof or pneumatic tyres, LPG/Petrol or diesel, full range of 2 and 3 stage masts.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Komatsu Only: The CLSS automatically detects the hydraulic load, only the required amount of oil is supplied
  • Sealed Wet disc brakes can withstand approx. 10,000hrs without maintenance
  • Komatsu Only: 3.3L compact diesel engine


Komatsu Reliability

  • Wet disc brakes withstand sever conditions
  • Komatsu Only: Cooling system to achieve increased braking stability
  • High rigidity mast, frame, front and rear axles



  • Dual floating structure (detail on 2.5tonne page)
  • Operator Presence Sensing System – lifting/travelling interlock system
  • Unique braking cushion valve
  • Two counterweight outlets
  • Neutral start safety function

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