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1.5T and 2.0T Capacity pedestrian stacker. Turning radius 1900mm, mast up to 4.65M

Pedestrian straddle legs stacker and forks between the stringers. Full-free-view mast lifting from 1.650 mm up to 5.400 mm.

Separate traction motor capable of allowing maximum flexibility in movement.

Available with load lifting and lowering operation from proportional push-buttons on the driving tiller.

Suitable to be used in areas with reduced space for loading and unloading goods the 715 & 720BLK from OMG is the right solution for many applications.  Operators will find the 715 & 720 BLK easy and safe to use.


OMG chassis are built from folded frame to minimise welding-induced stresses. This offers maximum stability and superior mechanical strength in all transport situations. The battery compartment is accessed simply by lifting the case, thus simplifying daily and periodical checks and recharging.


OMG masts are made of cold-drawn sections to ensure torsion and rigidity. The lift cylinders are outside the profile of the mast and the chains are in a protected position to provide a perfect visual field and operating safety. 715 & 720 BLK are available in single, two stage and three stage versions with and without total free lift, with nominal capacities ranging from 1.500 to 2.000 kg.

Steering handle

The result of detailed ergonomic study, combining the requirements of operating comfort with modern industrial design. All the controls on the handle are easy to reach, ensuring productivity and precision and greater efficiency. When released, the handle returns to the vertical position without bumping or rebound, thanks to a gas spring with integrated braking system.

  • handle tiller arm made of ABS with steel core able to absorb heavy impact without deformation;
  • lifting and lowering of the forks by push buttons positioned on both sides;
  • horn button in central position;
  • active safety system with anti-crush device.


Reliable and powerful traction motors capable of meeting the most demanding performance requirements, delivering the necessary power under all load conditions as the translation speed exactly depends on the position of the drive throttle.

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